Tuesday 21 March 2023

High-Quality Auger Dredgers for Efficient Sediment Removal


If you require an effective solution for extracting sediment or mud from your water body, our company offers premium auger dredgers that can excavate material from depths of up to 10 meters. Auger dredgers are commonly utilized in rivers, lakes, and coastal areas for sediment removal and excavation purposes, owing to their ability to handle materials with varying textures and densities, and operate in areas with limited access.

Our auger dredger comprises a main pontoon, two smaller side pontoons, and an operator cabin mounted on the main pontoon. A diesel-driven hydraulic power pack located on the main pontoon controls the side winches, hoisting ladder winch, and auger drive, while the dredge pump is powered by a water-cooled diesel engine to guarantee effective operation.

For sediment removal and excavation, our auger dredger is an excellent option as it can manage various textures and densities. It is an ideal solution for lakes, rivers, and coastal areas requiring sediment removal, owing to its ability to reach depths of up to 10 meters.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a top-quality solution for mud or sediment removal from your water body, our auger dredger is a reliable option. It can manage varying textures and densities and reach depths of up to 10 meters, making it an effective tool for sediment removal and excavation in lakes, rivers, and coastal areas.


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