Tuesday 21 March 2023

Efficient and Eco-Friendly Jet Suction Dredgers for Waterways

A high-tech and environmentally-friendly dredging equipment, the jet suction dredger, breaks down sediment and rocks in waterways using high-pressure water jets. The material is then transported to a designated storage area via a suction pipe, making it a preferred option over other types of dredgers that use mechanical cutting heads or buckets. Our specially designed jet suction dredgers are efficient and versatile, and are ideal for cleaning reservoirs, sand stocks, docks, piers, and harbors.

Using a high-pressure water jet to break down the sand layer, the jet suction dredger removes solids with the sand pump and discharges them to a designated area on land. Customizable to meet specific dredging depth, working capacity, and discharge distance needs, the dredger is powered by a main diesel engine that provides energy to the gravel, sand, slurry dredge pump, and the hydraulic system. The maximum dredging depth for the jet suction dredger is 15 meters.

Offering suction dredgers ranging from 6 inches to 20 inches in various sizes, we base our standard pump selection and system design on WEIR production and pipeline analysis sheets, which use Warman Dredge pumps.


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