Friday 10 March 2023

Cutter suction dredger

A Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) is a type of vessel that is used to excavate and remove sediment, mud, and other materials from the bed of waterways and bodies of water. It operates by using a rotating cutter head to break up the material, and a suction pipe to suck it up and transport it to a discharge location.

CSDs have various applications, including the construction and maintenance of ports, harbors, and other coastal structures, the creation of artificial islands and beaches, deepening navigational channels, and extracting minerals such as sand and gravel from riverbeds and coastal areas for construction projects.

CSDs come in different sizes, from small modular units that can be transported by truck to large ocean-going vessels, depending on the project requirements and conditions of the work site.

Our CSDs are designed as stationary vessels, which use a rotating cutter head to break up hard ground. This is often necessary when the sand layer is hard or contains materials such as stone, clay, silt, etc. Once the hard layer has been cut through, the solid material is pumped up and transported to the shore or a discharge area.

Our CSDs can be customized based on the dredging depth, working capacity, and discharge distance, with capabilities ranging from 15 meters in dredging depth and a maximum flow rate of 6000 cubic meters per hour.

We offer CSDs in sizes from 6 inches to 20 inches, and we can provide new construction at our shipyard or locally with the customer. If the customer prefers to build the CSD, we can offer support with dredger design and engineering / construction packages, local installation, and all necessary parts packaged in containers for shipping to the customer's overseas yard.

Our standard pump selection and system design is based on WEIR production and piping analysis sheets, using Warman dredging pumps.


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