Friday 7 July 2023

Water jet pump for dredging applications

Water jet pump

If you're in need of a waterjet pump system to enhance your dredge production or to break down compact materials like clay, we offer a range of water jet pump installations suitable for cutter suction dredgers or DOP pumps.

Waterjet pump systems are widely utilized in dredging activities to effectively break up dense materials such as clay and optimize dredge production. These systems employ high-pressure water jets to dislodge and transport sediment from the seabed.

Our manufactured diesel-driven water pumps are specifically designed for installation on jet suction dredgers or DOP pumps. These pumps are available in various types, each with different flow rates and pressure capacities.

For smaller-scale dredging operations where a lower flow rate suffices, Type 1 can deliver 125 cubic meters of water per hour at 8 bar pressure.

For larger-scale dredging operations that require a higher flow rate to maximize production, Type 2 offers a higher flow rate of 180 cubic meters of water per hour, also at 8 bar pressure.

For the most demanding dredging operations that necessitate maximum flow rates to achieve desired production levels, Type 3 is the highest-capacity pump in our product line, delivering a flow rate of 300 cubic meters of water per hour at 8 bar pressure.

All of our pump systems are mounted on a basic skid, facilitating easy transportation and installation at the dredging site. Our diesel-driven pumps offer several advantages, including high reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, these pumps are exceptionally efficient, making them an ideal choice for high-performance waterjet pumps required in dredging operations.

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