Wednesday 30 August 2023

Hydraulic winches for dredging

Hydraulic winches

Winches play an important role in dredging operations by providing the necessary pulling force to move the dredging equipment and dredged materials. The winches used for hosting in dredging are typically heavy-duty electric or hydraulic winches, which are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions in the marine environment. These winches are mounted on the dredging vessel and can be used to control the positioning and movement of the dredging equipment, such as the suction tube, cutter head, and spud poles. Proper maintenance and monitoring of winches is crucial for safe and efficient dredging operations.

Side winches are devices used in dredging to control the position and movement of a dredging vessel. They are mounted on the sides of the vessel and are used to control the position of the suction head or cutter head by adjusting the length and tension of the cables or wires attached to it. This allows the dredge to excavate material from a specific location and to move the material to another location for disposal or further processing. Side winches are an essential component of many types of dredging vessels, including trailing suction hopper dredgers and cutter suction dredgers

We offer a wide range of standard winches till 120 kN side wire and hoisting winches that ensure efficient dredging. Also boom winches are on a fast delivery!

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