Sunday 13 February 2022

Dredge cutterhead for sale

A cutterhead is a rotating tool that is attached to the end of the suction pipe of a cutter suction dredger (CSD). The cutterhead is designed to cut and break up solid materials on the seabed or riverbed, such as clay, sand, gravel, and rock, and then suction up the material through the suction pipe and pump it to a designated location.

The cutterhead is typically made up of multiple blades that are shaped like teeth or scoop-like structures, and are arranged in a circular pattern around the axis of rotation. As the cutterhead rotates, the blades cut and dislodge the material on the seabed or riverbed, and the suction pipe and pump then transport the material to the surface.

The cutterhead is powered by hydraulic motors that are powered by the dredger's engine, which provides the necessary power and torque for the cutterhead to break up and remove the material. The size and type of cutterhead used depends on the type of material being dredged, the depth of the dredging, and the required production rates.

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